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Welcome to the Secular Student Alliance at USA webpage. We are a community of freethinkers.

Mission Statement for Secular Student Alliance at USA:
*A community of freethinkers who question dogma and rigid thinking, promote reason, and encourage openness to new ideas as the primary means to understanding the human condition.

Our affiliate formed in Summer 2010 - Nationally, there are over 400 affiliates of the Secular Student Alliance since the group began 8 years ago.

Our local affiliate has:

hosted 9 visiting speakers, and too many local speakers to count
we host weekly discussion meetings
we educate about secular lifestyles to interested students

First Speaker: Hemant Mehta, the “Friendly Atheist.” 

Hero Mythology, presented by USA professor, AnnMarie Guzy

 Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson: Why Christianity has had a negative impact on the black population in America. 

Chris Stedman, Harvard Humanist Chaplain: his experiences as a humanist and an LGBT advocate. 

James Croft: "God is Dead. So what?"  Role of the growing ranks of the non-religious

Ed Buckner: “In Freedom We Trust - the logic and history that supports why this is a free country, not a Christian nation”

Debate: Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Professor of Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan and Dan Barker, the co-President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, as well as a former minister

Erin Davies and her Fagbug documentary follow-up, named "Fagbug Nation," which discusses her on-going LGBTQ activism and our nation's response

Adam Lee: “Secular Morality for the Modern Age,” defends the atheist viewpoint and argues that discarding religious belief is a liberation and the gateway to a moral life filled with purpose and joy.

About Us

Our mission is to encourage critical thinking by questioning dogma and rigid thinking. The SSA promotes reason and encourages openness to new ideas as the primary means to understand the human condition.

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